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Bendavia Travel is a reliable travel agency, that can get you tickets to and from the Gambia to any other country around the world.

Welcome To Bendavia in The Gambia!

Bendavia Travel Agency existence was conceived solely by its Managing Director who spent all her life working and studying within the air travel industry. It was registered as a limited liability company under the Companies Act of 1955. The name is a derivative of two names, Ben - for Benigna and Davi - for David; a husband and wife team. The Latin inscription beneath the Logo "Per Ardua Ad Praemium" translates to, "Through Hard Work Comes Success"


Bendavia commenced its operations on a small scale in October 1999 but was relocated to a more accessible and ultra-modern commercial complex in 2001 when it became IATA accredited. From 1999 to date, Bendavia Travel Agency has had several awards, namely:


The American Biographical Institute, U.S.A.
2002 Woman of the Year Award (to the Managing Director)
2002 Honoree International Who's Who of Professional and Business Women Award (to the Managing Director)
2003 International Biographical Centre's Lifetime Achievement Award
2005 Galileo Award - Best Travel Agent in the Gambia
2008 Appointed General Sales Agent for Virgin Nigeria Airways Limited (now Air Nigeria) in the Gambia by IATA approval, as a result, an office was opened on the premises specially for Virgin Ticket Sales.





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